Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lisa playing in Robyn's Dreams and Fantasies Journal

I actually struggled a bit with this one - what did I want to be when I grew up?  What were my dreams and fantasies when I was a kid?  

I wanted to be a journalist because I like to write.

I wanted to be a teacher.... so I could write on the chalk board. 

I wanted to be a famous artist.  Well, part of that came true, for I am an artist.  Doubtful that I will be famous though, but that's okay.

Still not really knowing what my page theme was going to be, I started with a background.  And took a photo!

Some collage with book pages, music paper and a doily, plus some watercolour and gelatos.

I kept adding painty layers, then whitewashed it all with a stencil, and then thought of another of my dreams/fantasies.

And it's a strange one - Astral Projection.  When I was perhaps a tween, or in my early teens, I remember reading a few fiction books about this phenomenon.  And I thought, yep, wish I could do this.  Not so much the 'out of body' experience when you're looking down on yourself when critically injured, but the ability to 'go' somewhere else with the power of your mind.  France.  I wanted to go to France, because I was studying French in high school, and had a French pen pal (still do, but now we're friends on Facebook instead 😊).  

Anyway, I never learnt how to project myself anywhere, and I sadly don't believe in it anymore.  Too practical and analytical in my old age. 😕 

But it's nice to wonder isn't it...

Hope you like it Robyn!

Cheers, Lisa


  1. The ghosting effect is very good Lisa. Reminds me of our old black and white 17" TV with the rabbits ears.

    1. Thanks Pam, she didn't quite turn out like I expected but then things often don't!

  2. Wonderful story Lisa & a wonderful page.

  3. Great blogging and wonderful page Lisa.

  4. great; I get it and can relate ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  5. I love the whole concept and the way your page turned out is awesome.

  6. Lovely page. Just what art journaling is all about and beautifully done.

  7. Love it! Imagine, an artist who can paint, draw, colour and create all day long - with people paying big money for your artwork so you can afford to pay others to do the cooking and cleaning :D It would be magical. And we're all halfway there cos at least we're painting and creating! Love your work <3


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