Friday, February 2, 2018

My Round 6 Journal - Music & Lyrics

My theme for the next journal swap is Music and Lyrics.  I love music and have the radio on all the time.  Much to my kids' disgust, I love to sing, especially in the car.  That I'm no good at it certainly doesn't stop me!

I'm not one for classical music, though I do appreciate the gift that these musicians have.  I like a lot of different music - if a song has great lyrics that 'speak' to me, I love it.  And will usually learn the words.

So for this journal swap, I'd like participants to come up with a spread about their favourite song, and include a line, a verse, chorus, or the whole song on your page!

I made the journal around A5 size, same as the previous swap, as I like this size to work in.  Some pages have flaps and some don't - pick whatever suits you, or cut the flap off!  The paper is 225gsm so will stand up to whatever you want to throw at it.

I put some silver elastic around it, and here's the front cover - painted, collaged and stamped.  

The piano keyboard on the right is actually a flap over the cover, and I like how this turned out!

I even made a couple of music note stamps out of kids' erasers that you can see on the left hand side.


The left hand page is my first page, which basically states what I've said above!  And the right hand page is my rear cover.  This was simply gessoed, flowers doodled, and painted with watercolours.  I love the effect you get when you watercolour over gesso. 💜

And  here's my entry in the journal - Flame Trees, by Cold Chisel.  This is watercolour with faux calligraphy.  This song is my favourite song ever, and whenever I hear the opening stanza, I can't help but sigh with pleasure.  It's the wonderful music, but also the amazing lyrics.  I've chosen to include the chorus.  I grew up in country South Australia, and this song brings back the bittersweet memories of being a teenager in a small town.  It's also my funeral song. 😃

I look forward to learning about other people's favourite songs, and how they bring them to life in my journal!  

Cheers, Lisa


  1. Oh this is great Lisa. I think I'll do A5 this time - it is a good size. I have a song in mind that my Father really loved and the lyrics are great. I shall see when the time comes! Looking forward to it!!

  2. Your journal is looking great already Lisa. Love your calligraphy and your use of water colours.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Joan! Think you'll be the first one to receive it...! ;)

  4. Oh I love Cold Chisel many of their songs are about the area I live in.

    "Like any man I've got to work for a living
    Just to earn my soul for the weekend show
    Saturday morning I'll be down by the river
    Getting whipped at the Copmanhurst rodeo
    When the weekend comes I'm gonna set fire to the town
    I've had a bellyful of working on the same old merry-go-round"

    Excellent theme. Your journal is looking fabulous.

    1. Aren't their lyrics great! Thanks Louise, look forward to your entry! xx

  5. Lisa it's exciting to see a journal all ready for this coming round and I love your theme. I have a favourite song, but I think it's going to be hard to illustrate; we'll see. Love your work, as always ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks Janie! It's not easy; I wasn't really sure how to portray Flame Trees but decided in the end the actual foliage was the way to go. Excited to see what you do!


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