Friday, September 15, 2017

Lisa - Working in Colleen's Things with Wings Journal

Colleen's journal is a lovely A5 sized, material covered journal with some delicious art in it already.

"Things with Wings" is a great theme because there are so many things you can do!  So, predictable perhaps, but I decided to go with fairies.  And a specific fairy - Tink.  Not the pretty, bubbly Tinkerbell from the Disney cartoon, or the giggly, smiley Tinkerbell played by Julia Roberts in 'Hook'.  The grumpy, mischievous and often nasty Tink from the 2003 Peter Pan movie - a movie that I still love to watch now and then!

I've picked a scene that I love in the movie, where Tink has died after drinking poison meant for Peter....

I started doing this journal page while at our monthly get together with the Art Mesaj group, and luckily Lena took a pic of my progress!

I picked a double page that also had a flap.  This page is between two signatures, so I had to work out how to tie the two parts together.

The paper is a nice thick watercolour paper, so that made my decision to use watercolour and pen easy!

It's not easy trying to draw something from a still frame from a video clip.  But here's my Peter shouting I DO BELIEVE IN FAIRIES, I DO, I DO!  I think he turned out okay!  Though maybe his neck is a bit long...?

And here's the right hand side, with the closed flap.  Whenever doing a page with a flap, I always try to match what's under the flap to what's over.  Which is not really needed, and often difficult, but that's my thing.  (For case in point, check out my entry in Pam's Monochrome journal...!)

Pretty dull really, isn't it.  But I wanted what was underneath to be a surprise!  So here's Tink.

Okay, so I know that Tink doesn't stand out very well amongst all the leaf matter.  Well duh, she is a wood fairy, she's not supposed to...!  She does sparkle though (Perfect Pearls). 😁

And here's the whole double spread.  I hope you like this Colleen, I had a lot of fun doing it!  Still working on a tag for you in the same theme.  Cheers, Lisa xx


  1. Wonderful finish Lisa. I love when I see the start of a page and then how it turns out at the very end. You are a fantastic artist. Thanks for sharing the film clip also. Now I want to see the whole movie.

    1. Thanks so much Joan! You should definitely see the movie, it's wonderful! x

  2. Wow this is lovely and so beautifully crafted, beautiful drawings.

  3. I love it Lisa. Peter is fabulous & Tinkerbell so cute. You have done an amazing spread. Thanks so much. I can't wait to see it for real. loved the movie snippet too.

  4. love your work Lisa, so spontaneous !


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