Sunday, September 10, 2017

AASG Round 5: Danie's "Under the Sea" Journal Pages by Sharon

I am sharing my pages just completed for Danie's "Under the Sea" Journal - loved working in this journal and there are certain "special" additions that Danie will "understand"!!!
Here's a pic of the completed pages with little tag I made to accompany the journal as well:
I started the pages with a layer of Gesso - quickly used my brayer to spread the Gesso. I also used the brayer to cover the page from bottom to top with several colours of acrylic paint plus a glitter paint to add a subtle sparkle - like the light shining through the water to what is below!!
Once the background was dry I grabbed some homemade stencils (made with Cameo Silhouette Files) - firstly a "fishy" one which I used my new Nuvo Mousse - a nice soft shimmery green!
I also wanted some "bubbles" LOL so used some white paint through a circle stencil.
Then I started to place my fussy cut collage elements and embellishments - all collage elements are from a great Etsy Store "Art Tea Life" - great quality sheets!
And just a little pic here of "MY" hand with my red thread - now Danie will understand this - bet she didn't think I would still have it on - but it was still on and I finally removed it today to use on these pages - I used it to tie the charms to the little fishing barrels and you will also see it on the tag I made!!!!!

Now the sticking down bit - quite fiddly with all the bits and pieces and the fishing net has to be stretched out and secured and held in place til the glue dries - LOL you can imagine my fingers were almost glued together by the time I was finished!

And Danie will also recognise this wording from the "Secrets of the Deep" - I thought it was the perfect saying for the pieced mermaid and also has "meaning" to Danie!!!

I had lots of little collage pieces left over and as Danie has tags for us all in the back of her journal I decided to make one to replace the one I have taken to match my pages - front and back pics shown below!!

And here are some more pics of the completed pages - I LOVED working in this journal - love underwater themes and mermaids.

Hope you like it Danie & the special little additions that have meaning for us!
Created by Sharon!!


  1. Great spread Sharon, love all of your elements!

  2. Wow! Such a beautiful page Sharon, gorgeous colours & embellishments.

  3. Very lovely. Lots of layering and ephemera to add so much interest.

  4. Love this page, and as usual great elements Sharon

  5. terrific Sharon : I can tell that this is a subject very dear to your heart


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