Thursday, March 16, 2017

Joan's page in Lisa Jones's group#3 circle journal "Summer"

I am the last participant in Round #3 of the circle journal to work in Lisa's journal before it makes its way home to her.  It is a beautiful journal and I think Lisa will be very happy with all the lovely pages in it.  The theme for Lisa's journal is "Summer" and Lisa asked for participants to do a page that represented what Summer meant to them.

To me Summer is bright sunshine, water and people in colourful attire been out and about enjoying the nice weather.   I love the ocean but not necessarily the beach.  Been fair skinned, the sun and I have a healthy relationship with each other, but I do love to visit the ocean and watch the boats,birds,people swimming and all the other activities that a nice day in Summer brings. 

This page is a combination of paint, gelatoes,  tissue collage, catalogue collage, diecuts and some minimal drawing. I was quiet pleased with the composition and my minimal drawing prowess.  I think it fulfills the brief and I hope that Lisa will be happy with it.

I am lucky enough to live on the Mornington Peninsula which has beaches on both sides, Port Phillip Bay on one side and Westernport Bay on the other.   I live on the Westernport side and about 10 minute walk from the nearest beach, so very lucky. If we look out across the ocean on a clear day, we can see French Island straight across and Philip Island a little bit further on to the right, so this is not only representative of  my idea of Summer but also representative of my reality.


  1. Thanks so much Joan, you've done a fantastic job. I love it all! xx

  2. You really have captured a lovely summers days Joan

  3. Lovely spread Joan. Love the shades of blue and the perspective. How exciting will soon be back home.


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