Friday, January 27, 2017

MONOTONES is almost finished

It was a real pleasure to receive my mums travelling art journal- Monotones, and have it in my hands, to touch and look at and then to play in the remaining pages.

I wanted to try and work in the colours not present yet and it was pretty hard because this gorgeous journal already had a rainbow

Monotones is a bit of a challenge for me who is very partial to the entire range of colours and using them quite liberally. I found there was no gold and no red so I went with them. 

The first 2 pages were play and fun and I am also using them as journal prompts in our Australian Art Swap Group and the third one was much more personal.

I recount memories from a long ago family holiday and include some natural elements from that trip.
I have another page in process and am leaving a double page for my beloved mama to play in and then her whole journal is filled!

I did this little one on the back page and I made a video if you want a look through the whole thing. It features many artists work from the Australian Art Journal Swap.


  1. Thank you Louise for adding your wonderful pages to my already wonderful Art Journal..

  2. Looks beautiful :) Its pretty awesome to be able to create art together!

  3. Your layouts are wonderful Louise xox

  4. Love all your pages Louise! I'll have to try and persuade my daughter to do a page in my journal when it comes home... :)

    1. Oh I do hope you can Lisa I loved being a guest artist in mums journal :)


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