Monday, October 3, 2016

Pinterest for Deb.

I have never really used Pinterest, not at all sure how it works, not at all sure I want to know as I waste enough time already on Facebook  :)

Having said that I do search there sometimes for appropriate quotes for journal pages and ATCs.  So I thought that could well be my subject.

Deb is sending round an unbound journal in the making and has supplied some beautiful paper to use.  So my first task was to bury the white page.  Out came the Dylusions spray, some modelling paste, stencils and gesso.

So that was the beginning.  Then I needed to decide what kind if quotes I would use.  I thought about Buddha, Confucious, Rumi, politicians and celebrities, but finally decided to honour the wise woman Maya Angelou.  Her gentle but strong words are inspiring.

With the words I chose printed and affixed, with faux ATCs and framed Journal Pages, I was done.
Hope it fits your criteria Deborah.


  1. Lovely pages Pam, I love the dyelusion colours and the stencilling is fantastic. I understand your feelings about Pinterest. I too look in there occasionally but I don't really want to become addicted to something else, I waste enough time on FB already

  2. Beautiful work Pam! I'm only slightly addicted to Pinterest,certainly don't waste as much time there as Facebook! ;)

  3. Im addicted to both and find myself falling asleep scrolling the ideas as my phone lands on my face lol..but if it made you happy to play in my journal, then you have met all my criteria. Much thanks its lovely!

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