Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lisa J - Working in Pam's Monotone Journal

Pam's Monotone journal is a lovely hand made A4 journal, beautifully covered.  

Her brief was to create a page using only a monochromatic scheme - only one colour, but you can use all of its shades and tints too, plus black and white.

Hmmm.  What colour to do? Purple and pink were already gone, along with teal and blue-green.

I decided to go with blue, since it has lots of variations (and it's one of my favourite colours).  I had lots of blue paint sample cards, so thought I could incorporate them in some way, plus I gelli printed a stack of different blue papers.

I picked a page that had an extra flap on it, just to push myself a bit further, and decided on a little town on the edge of the water.  

The background was simply rolled on with a brayer to create a messy effect, then I built up layers of collaged bits to represent the countryside.  The water was created by adding scrunched up bits of paper tissue with gel medium.  I like the effect, though using matt instead of gloss would have been better.  Oh well.

The houses were then added, with windows and doors drawn in with white Uniball Signo (my favourite white pen!).  The lighthouse completed the page.

I also wanted the same scene to flow to the page underneath, when the flap was opened.  This was a bit of a challenge, getting everything to match up, and flow well!

Underneath I added a castle, again using paint sample cards.  Then, added a couple of quotes that I liked.

Hope you like my interpretation Pam!  I also did another page for you since there was a single page that was blank - but I'll keep that one as a surprise for when you get your journal back... ;)

Cheers, Lisa


  1. Lisa I just adore it! I always love your work but here is a bonus with you setting out your thoughts.
    It's wonderful how you incorporated the flap too. Can't wait for it to be home so I can see and touch all the fantastic works that have been shared with me.
    Thanks Lisa <3

    1. Thanks Pam, glad you like it! I agree, will be wonderful to see these journals when they come home! :)

  2. Wonderful pages Lisa - absolutely gorgeous and mums favorite colour is blue - I cant wait till she shares the surprise page as well :)

    1. Thanks Louise! What serendipity with the colour! :)

  3. Wonderful page and amazing use of the paint chips.

  4. Wonderful page and amazing use of the paint chips.


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