Monday, April 18, 2016

Lisa J - Working in Lisa GG's Enchanted Journal

When I received Lisa's "Enchanted" journal from Joan, I discovered just how much Lisa loves Alice in Wonderland.  As I had been wondering what to do in this journal, I asked Lisa if it was okay if I did an Alice page too.  She said yes!

I had seen a fantastic journal page on The Mad Hatter years ago, and had always wanted to draw and paint him too, so this was the perfect opportunity.  My page is nowhere near the standard of the original (coincidentally, by another Lisa!) but I'm really happy with it.  I have to stress that I didn't copy Lisa's page; I used a Google pic.  Here's a link to Lisa Cheney's Flickr account, where you can find her Mad Hatter page.  If you haven't seen her work, please check it out - it's all gorgeous! 

I glued two pages together so that the watercolour wouldn't bleed through - this journal has heaps of pages, and the coil binding makes sticking pages together easy!

I thought that this quote went really well with the picture of the Hatter that I was doing.  These letter stamps were a bargain find from Target a while ago!

And here's the Hatter!  I drew him and then outlined him with a Pitt pen, then used watercolour.  I love how he's quite crazy looking but also quite cute (I mean Johnny Depp, yes please!).

When I'm sure that he's totally dry, I'll seal the pages using clear shoe polish.  I tried this on some ATC's last week and was pleased with the result - and also pleased that the smell dissipated after a few days!

Hope you like this entry Lisa, it was really enjoyable to do and I think I shall do some more Alice work in the future too!


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