Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jan's Page in Vintage Circus for Sharon.

This is such a lovely journal with some gorgeous work already done. I was glad of the wee lull in the Round 2 journals moving their way around Australia because I had to have an operation on the elbow that i broke just over a year ago when round one was going around and was in hospital for a few days and incapacitated. However with Physio and rest it is getting better.

I was given a lovely roll of washi tape for a birthday pressie a while ago and was really happy when Sharon announced the theme as I thought yay! I can use the tape.

Then I thought it would be great to include some of the photos from a show my daughter created all the costumes for in 2010 that was a vintage circus theme. The link to some of the photos is <www.behance.net/gallery/209862/lunamorph-show>
She did an incredible job (her ability to design and sew has me in awe) and all the performers were amazing. I had the strong man, Sharon, but no bearded lady. (That's another photo shoot!)
I base coated the page with Gesso then included my circus washi tape and collaged some vintage papers and then bit more gesso to tone things down.

I then got some frames and cut out the pictures and arranged them. My theme was Postcards To Home. Based on the story line of "They called me a Freak and so I ran away and joined the circus"
Hope you like it. Sorry it is a bit more like a scrapbook page but that's how it worked out. =)

Just discovered the link may not work very well. When you get to Behance.net just search Lunamorph... hope that works


  1. This is lovely! This Theme is going to be a challenge for me I think...

  2. This is really lovely and I love the fact you used photos that were meaningful for you. Great result and great work by your daughter on costumes also.

  3. Great pages, I love when we use our personal input into journal pages.


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