Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wendy's Page in Jenny's Journal

My layout in Jenny's journal is finished and waiting to be sent on at the end of the month. I really enjoyed working in Jenny's journal. 
I used gellatos as my choice of medium and the colours turned out how I had envisaged it in my mind, first time ever...lol. 
I hope you enjoy this layout, I think it turned out wonderful. I really wanted to add quite a bit of texture on this layout, so I have used the modeling paste quite liberally all around the pages. Also used the modeling paste for the sea urchin, sea horse and coral. To make the sea weed pop a little I spread modeling paste and then pulled a fork thru it. I just love the effect it had.

 Here I have started to add colour to the page.

Showing a close up of the textured sea weed.

 I used a very small holed mesh here and put modeling paste thru it. I think it ended up looking like fish scales. So cool. The blue button type things are melted pony beads (I think. I got them in happy mail.) and I made them into jelly type fish.

 This is the final layout. I hope you like it Jenny. I loved doing it.


  1. I love your enthusiasm and sharing Wendy and your page is fabulous I am sure Jenny will love it.

    1. I hope she does, thank you Louise. I think you have created a monster in me...lol

  2. That is a stunning page Wendy. Loved watching it develop on your video. Love your work.


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