Friday, November 6, 2015

Round 3 of the Australian Art Journal Swap

The artists are rapidly gathering for the very exciting third round of the AAJS, These journal swaps are co ordinated through a facebook group called
The Australian Art Swap Group where we have many fun swaps not just travelling art journals, it is a warm and vibrant art community so do come over and say hello if you are interested in what we are doing. 

Whilst our artists are still creating their books and deciding on themes and formats I can share some of the fabulous themes emerging - Enchanted, Dance, Maps, Aphorism, World Travel, Steampunk, Abstract Art, Emotions and Marine Animals are all being considered.

We have artists all over Australia so our journals really do go on a journey, numbers are capped at 12 and we send out monthly so all going well it does not take much more than a year for them to make their trip and you can follow along right here in the blog.
We have one spot left for round 3 so be quick if you are interested or let us know over on our FB group and you can go on the waiting list for round 4.

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