Thursday, September 3, 2015

Round Two. Welcome to the Circus

I have always loved the circus. 
When I was growing up, the circus and carnival used to come to town every Summer. I think it is partly the memory of the anticipation and sheer wonder of it all that fuels my enjoyment of all things circus today. 

In order to further wallow in these memories, I have chosen vintage circus as my theme for round two journal swap. It is only a small journal with two signatures and a pocket at the back. I have put some 'admit one' tickets for everyone to include on their page.  Either use it in the background or somehow really creative. 

Please keep the colours a bit muddy in the vintage theme. 
Feel free to draw or collage or both. 
If you are stuck, check out the early part of the movie "Water for Elephants ". I love that film. Sad but so beautiful. If you are not movie fans, think of the strong man, the merry go round or the prancing ponies.  
I even love clowns. 

I hope you have fun


  1. Fantastic Sharon...looking forward to it!!

  2. That looks like lots o fun for all Sharon. The spreads you have done are wonderful.

  3. Wonderful theme and colours! Such lovely pages! Looking forward to them coming my way!

  4. Excellent theme Sharon and I love your pages and the muted colours


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