Monday, September 14, 2015

Gail works in Faces and Figures for Jan

Here is my double page in Jan 's journal,
Faces and Figures.

 I hope she likes it.


  1. Lovely page Gail and well done on learning how to blog I hope you really enjoy our swap.

  2. Looks great took me a minute to see the face...I'm sure it wouldn't if it was in my hands!! Love her flowery hair!!

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    1. Journal posted friday 18th to Rachel ( my partner )

  4. It looks great Gail! Love the colours! Sorry I took so long to get to the blog. It's been really busy.

  5. Wonderful spread. I also took a bit to see the face. Fab texture there too. Another I look forward to seeing as it travels.

  6. Hi Louise I received my Journal back with a double page completed from Rachel Thomas, ( my partner), but I think she was to send it on to someone else, ( I don't know who her partner is) can you let me know and I will send it on to her partner. When I send the next one to Rachael I will let her know who she is to send it to.


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