Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transformations by Monika

This month I had the great pleasure of working in Louise's beautiful journal "Transformations".

Inspiration took a while to come but suddenly it all started to come together. I based my entry on the phases of the moon.

Here is the pale moon maiden with a moon phase halo that rotates.

The Moon Lady holds a silver heart that opens up to reveal:

The poem: "That Sweet Moon Language" by the ancient persian poet Hafiz.

On the outside I added some bling to the spine of the journal: A moon pendant I bought over twenty years ago in a far away place. Since then it has moved with me to many places always waiting for this special project where it would fit and it finally has found its place.

I hope Louise will like it.



  1. How wonderful! So exotic, love the calligraphy and the colours. Louise is a lucky lady with that special moon pendant!

  2. Oh thank you so much Mon it is so gorgeous and the charm I adore <3 :)

  3. Beautiful just beautiful :-)


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