Monday, April 21, 2014

Jan does Book of Mirrors

It is almost the end of April and I am ready to post the wonderful Book of Mirrors off to Roz. Had some nice time over Easter at my art desk.

Wow, this journal is so beautifully made, Danielle has done such a wonderful job.
I wondered if I could do it justice. But I just had fun and chose something from one of the many Celtic books I have.
I used crackle medium and acrylics and some washi tape to create the mood!

 Then I just had fun doing stuff and also added a bone I had found on the beach last weekend when we were at Shellharbour, I think it is from a sea bird.

I hope you like it Danielle. I certainly enjoyed your journal. 
(Sorry some of the photos are not round the right way. Still learning how to blog. Guess it will get easier. )


  1. nice work the bone that you added. I've seen this 1st hand and it fits the journal really well.

  2. This is really impressive. I nearly missed your post! I don't have much luck with crackle medium. Is there a trick that you can share?
    I have trouble with photos mysteriously turning them selves back to their original orientation too. I can't work out why they do it but I figure we can work it out.


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