Monday, February 24, 2020

Rebecca-lee Round 8 Journal spread.

I am super excited to be part of this round 8 Journal swap.
My theme is Gypsy Soul. This theme to means Freedom to be whatever you wish. To just be the kind of woman you deserve to be. To dance like no body is watching, to walk in the rain and jump in muddy puddles, to follow her heart, no matter what. She think too much and feels to much. Empathetic and considerate of others needs as well as her own.

My journal is A4, so double A4 page spread once open. I choose this journal for its price and quality. However i'm not expecting a double page spread, this would be unfair to those who only have an A4 spread in total. For whomever is working in my book please feel free to turn the book on its side and work it as a landscape spread or as a portrait spread. This Gypsy soul Journal is all about what makes your inner Gypsy sing. 

I didn't take progress pictures but i used a brayer for the background and edges, acrylic free hand painted lady. I used a collage of flower napkins for her hair and floral embellishments. I'm super excited to see how everyone interprets this theme. Let go and feel the freedom of your Gypsy Soul.


  1. She is beautiful... and I love, love, love the whole layout... Can't wait to see everyone's journal and the different interpretations... xx

  2. Lovely page and great description Rebecca-lee - and I'll be happy to do a double page spread in your journal!


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