Friday, May 12, 2017

Round 3- Creatures of the Bay. By Deb Stephens

 Round 3= Deb's entry in Joan's Creatures of the Bay Journal 

Hello again! Joan's Journal was so interesting as it was an old photo album that had been recycled into an art Journal. There were many pockets protecting our journalling and also heaps of magazine cut outs and maps etc that we could use with the theme. There was a strong recycling theme going through but Joan said we didn't have to stick with it and to just have fun so I did.
I am a little mermaid obsessed, and so I thought well they could live in "The Bay" too right?
so I got some gesso and some background colour down. I originally wanted spirals in the background in blues, but I didn't get the results  I wanted so I smudged it all with baby wipes. while it was wet I pushed pieces of Tulle into the page.  I had a trim that looked like roses on tule and I thought they looked a bit like underwater weeds so I put them onto the edges of the pages.As I am very impatient, I got my heat gun out and started drying, but then the tulle started to crinkle up and shrink and burn and I LOVED it! I had a few Beachy type embellishments from a swap years ago and decided to put those in as well. 
I them put some embossing paste over a stencil and dropped some midnight sparkle coloured embossing over the top of it... Instructions said "wait till it dries before heating".bahahhahahah...Me? Wait?? Heatgun attack! and it Puffed up beautifully to give the page more texture.

My little mermaids are layered stamps and the Queen of the Bay is a Prima/Julie Nutting doll stamp. I stamped her on one of the pages from the back of the book , cut it out and then attached sequences to her tail. I then glued her down onto the page. 

I used my really old dymo labeller to punch out the quote and then stuck that down too. I love how some of the mini mermaid tails lift off the page. I hope you enjoy this Joan! Happy Crafting everyone!


  1. Deb once again your work is wonderful, as are your thoughts behind it. So sad you won't be able to make the next trip with us. Seeing your spreads is such a joy.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous work Deb, I love all the texture and movement and layers. I too will miss you in the next rounds but hope to see you back soon.

  3. Thankyou ladies. I have so enjoyed my journey with you all but you never know, I might be able to slot right back in somewhere😉 for the next lot, if needed, but I would be a definate Yes for Round 6! Love you all.

  4. Great page Deb, love all the colour, texture and elements! <3

  5. Fantastic page so thank you so much. I too love mermaids. I have made pages a few times in other circling journal groups with them. Love all the textures. Great idea to bubble up the glue and I love that you loved burning the tulle sort of thing I do LOL. Thank you for a great blog about it also. It is great to read the story behind. I will treasure it. Hope to see you the journalling circle soon.


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