Sunday, April 30, 2017

Round 3 - Deb's entry in Rose's Bird Journal

Birds are not a subject that are dear to my heart so I struggled with this theme. But I do like Owls, I'm not exactly why or what about them appeals, I just do.
So I started by placing a birch tree stencil on my page and using some metallic shimmer sprays got a background I liked. After that I photocopied and enlarged a template of an Owl's head that I could trace onto the pages. I then used a fine line pen to fill in the various section with Zentangle patterns. This was very therapeutic e to do ,even though I think my attempt is a bit amateurish.
I hand wrote the quote (not sure who it is actually by) and then applied some Rubons' that I have had in my stash for ages. So this was a quick Blog entry (apologies for the delay) and the Journal will leave my hands and head back to Rosie this week. Enjoy!


  1. Great page Deb! Love the stencil, the different colours, the embellishments, and especially your owl! x

  2. Oh Deb your page is stunning
    I love the colours and the stencil and adore the owl.

  3. This is an awesome page!! I so admire the zentangles. It is a truly a work of art. Love it.


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