Thursday, December 1, 2016

BIRDS, mummy and babbies in Rose's Journal by Wendy

It was an absolute pleasure making a layout in Rose's Bird themed journal. I hadn't had a swap journal to work in for quite awhile and strangely enough, I actually was missing working in one. So, I was very excited to receive two at the same time. The other pages from the ladies are beautiful and the first thing I did was spend near an hour going through my bird pictures. Yes, I do have a lot of bird

I also decided to use my gelatos for the background, as I haven't used them in some time. I grabbed out all the blue shades and scribbled on the pages, then activated them all with a baby wipe. I then used the same baby wipe to remove some colour through a beehive shaped stencil and I really liked the way the background turned out.

The bird images were from a calendar, a mother looking down at her babies. I had to rearrange the images to fit on the page (it was a rather large calendar) and at the bottom I spliced and make a branch and to bring the branch out to reach the other corner. I have done some stamping of birds in opposite corners and also stamped an image of eggs in a nest on my extended branch. I think the page turned out rather well and added the quote..." The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation"..a quote from APJ Abdul Kalam. I hope you like the layout Rose as much as I did doing it. Thank you xox


  1. Great page Wendy and yes this is a lovely little journal and very inviting to journal in.

  2. Wendy I just love the red tail black cocatoos- and your page is gorgeous.

  3. Lovely, lovely work Wendy. And great explanation of your methods.

  4. Oh, that is so beautiful, Wendy. Thank you so much. I'm really looking forward to seeing the journal again, I shall treasure it always. Wish you a happy christmas too x


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