Friday, September 23, 2016

Joan's page in Nathalie's "Emotion Journal"

In this journal I decided to created a page about RAGE. I thought it would be a fun to do and also I wanted to change it up a bit and use colours I don't normally use when I do journal pages.  Being an redheaded Irish women, I know how to do a good rage on occasions.

I love the quote  "Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turn'd / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd." which comes from a play called the  Mourning Bride, so my page is based on that quote. 

The background is painted in red and yellow and I tried to create the illusion of flames just like hell is usually depicted. I had also put some texture on page using a zig zag stencil. I printed out two pictures from the internet. The face of the lady screaming I printed almost a A4 size, (this journal is very large) on to a thick white vellum sheet and then applied hot wax to it, to give it a more natural skin colour.  I was really pleased the way it turned out and the transparency of it allowed some of the colours from the page to show through also, which resulted in a nice red splotchy face, just as it would if  she was in a rage.  I cut out some coloured paper strips and placed them on her head to represent flames and then put a kettle and painted steam on top.(Letting off steam)  I then pasted some casino and potato chips on both pages to appear as if she was spitting them out (Spitting chips).
I put the other picture on the  page with a few strips of paper behind (sticking it to the man).  I printed out a copy of the quote in red and in a circle and then glaced it with yellow gelato and red around the edge.  The only letters I could find were plastic domes, so I used them to spell out rage in two places, small ones on the chips and larger ones as a header. Used a chalk marker and white gell pen to write the sayings on kettle and page.  Sprayed the pages with a decoupage varnish, which gives it a really nice overall finish.   This was really fun to make and I achieved my aim of using colours outside my comfort zone.   Hope Nathalie likes it.


  1. This is amazing Joan. I love it. Your factory lady looks like an updated version of the wartime picture. It's a fantastic spread. Well done!!

  2. This is super cool. Love the colours and the vintage pics too. Great work.

  3. Fabulous work. She will love it.

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, I really did enjoy making this page.

  5. That's super cool...and yes, I do really like it !! Thank you so much


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