Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jan's Page in Wendy's Flower Journal

This is a wonderfully colorful and bright journal. Just as Wendy wanted.

I found a lovely quote from Eeyore and thought it very appropriate as my garden is always full of interesting weeds!!
I used neo colour 11 pastels and some stamps and drawing.

I enjoyed this page and just realized this photo is a still in progress.. i added a few more bits to it and then forgot to take extra photos.

Hope you enjoy weeds too Wendy!


  1. What an enchanting page Jan :) I love your work.

  2. I love it Jan, thank you. Not really fussed on weeds as I have a front garden full of them at the I can handle them on the page, cheers!

  3. Love it. After all weeds are just flowers growing too well in the wrong place!


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