Monday, October 5, 2015

Ocean Life by Sharon Williams

I had the daunting job of creating the very first image in this album. Jenny chose to send her journal to me before she had even done her own spread. Fear of the white page reared its ugly head for a day or two but then after getting my act together I started to look through my collection of ocean images and then the page sort of made itself.
This looks like a weird way to begin but this old biological science text book is my favourite source of images. It is 100 years old and is written in Latin. 

I have a great scanner linked to my laptop and I scanned this in at 600 dpi and 2x resolution to create the base image. My scanner can mirror image things easily so when used in image transfers they come out the correct way around. 

I love line drawings and am truely inspired by museum exhibits. I have combined my image with a quote from Jules verses "twenty thousand leagues under the sea". 
I hope it reminds people of the naturalists of old where everything was new and exciting and their greatest thrill was collecting a new specimen and documenting all they could observe.
The completed spread runs over 2 double page spreads to accomodate the cutout fish head image

Reverse side with second transfer and Jules Verne quote. 


  1. Oh Sharon that would be quite challenging to be the very first person to work in someone else's journal but you rose to the occasion in your unique and detailed style. I love your entry, the cut out page is fabulous, the oceanic colours and I too am a lover of line drawings- excellent work

  2. Sheer brilliance!! Amazing spread. Congratulations Sharon it's truly wonderful. You have set the bar very high.

  3. OMG! How wonderful is this. Love your references, what a treasure trove. Art journaling in all its awesomeness.


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