Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jan completes the circle in Roz's Oriental Journal

This was a very inspiring journal and was a pleasure to work in.
I hope I have done it justice.
I used stamps and watercolours and collages on some napkins and Japanese Origami papers.

And spurred on by the activity on our Facebook page I made a few wings dedicated ATC's for Roz.

I hope you love it Roz.


  1. Oh Jan your pages are so beautiful and so are your ATCs :)
    Just wonderful and thank you so much for blogging.

    Roz when your gorgeous journal is home and all finished can you please share it all with us here?

  2. Ohhhh beautiful work Jan!!! I am a big Lotus fan - yours is beautiful!

  3. I certainly will and I have it was quite emotional which I wasn't expecting. I'm planning on doing a video to showcase it!! Thank you Jan for your beautiful spread and I love the extras that you included.

  4. Its beautiful :) I expect the whole journal is beautiful! Can't wait for the video Roz :)

  5. I am thrilled with my journal and it is really beautiful and I will treasure it!!
    Thanks for stopping by Jenny.


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