Monday, November 17, 2014

Jan has Laughter in Spite of Pain

Well this was truly a pertinent time to have this journal! Having fallen off my bike and broken my right arm! Anyway! All good and getting on the mend now. My pages in the journal were done mostly with the left hand and the KISS principle. But I enjoyed doing them and reading the other entries in the journal.
I got a neat Seth Apter stencil and that was great to work with.
I added a glow in the dark sheep to the other great and colourful things on the spine!! You can see her at the top of this page. A journal to treasure.!


  1. Love the page Janice. Thanks for using my stencil as a part of it!

  2. Oh Jan I missed this page as well - you are such a trooper doing such beautiful work with your broken right arm- truly amazing, and thanks Seth for dropping by as well.

  3. Ohhh beautiful Jan!! I too missed your blog entries somehow. Beautiful work!! xoxo


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