Monday, July 28, 2014

Jan completes Momento Mori

Well, this was a bit of a challenge as everyone has found when confronting this theme! It is very good to make us think outside our comfortable box....Once again a great altered journal. The cover is awesome.
I went with "Choose Life", it felt pertinent to my life. I also loved the book we were altering as the 1000 paper cranes has special significance for us. When Andrew was in ICU his friends stayed up for days making 1000 paper cranes and brought them to the hospital, he has it hanging in his room now. They are beautiful and a great reminder - momento mori - but choose life.
Here are my pages.
Lots of layers
This is mostly the page that was in the book it was too beautiful to cover up completely.
My daughter made this crane for me.
I really enjoyed working in this journal.


  1. wow what beautiful pages! Looking forward to admiring it in person xoxo

  2. Stunning pages Jan, so evocative.

  3. Your pages look very mystical to me Jan.The journal will probably get to me tomorrow so I'll be able to admire your work firsthand.I really like your approach to this topic.


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